Once upon a time...

...Jan met Martin

Our story began in 2011, when we both started to work in International Students Club in Brno, where we were helping incomming students from abroad to settle in and get used to the city.

We were also studying abroad, so we truly understand how do you feel in the new country or city.

After school we have moved to Prague, we were working with foreigners, Martin in the relocation agency and Jan in the HR sector.

During that time we wanted to stay in contact with foreign people, so we have decided to combine our passion for photography and staying in contact with foreigners - to do photo-tours in Prague.

Our Mission

We would like you to have a great experience from Prague, beautiful photos that you can take home with you. :-)

Our Vision

We would like to create a truly local platform for photographers to meet with tourists.

The platform where the principle WIN - WIN always win.

We are also striving to become #1 Photo-Tours in the Czech Republic.

Our Promise

Love, passion, work, FUN

We love what we are doing.

We always work on 100% with 100% FUN.

Would you like to join our team?

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